Skullface Mask

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Double layer hygienic masks.

  • Made from Quickdry microfiber
  • Protect against dust, pollen, germs etc.
  • Washable, reusable and fashionable
  • One size fit most.


***The graphic displayed in this picture may be slightly different from the actual color due to several factors such as lighting and screen resolution.

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4 reviews for Skullface Mask

  1. Karim Abdul Jabbar

    I really love the skull design and color. It matches my outfit perfectly. The quality is top notch. As compared to surgical mask, I feel suffocated whenever I wear the surgical mask. But this one, I can breathe normally. The material is damn good and its one of the softest mask I’ve ever worn. It feels tight at first, but after wearing it daily, it feels fine.

    All I can say is, it is worth my money and DOPE AS HELL

  2. Azril daud (verified owner)

    Design mmg terbaik,kain lembut,staill la utk org yg nak follow stail seratus ni💯

  3. Nik Amir Azib (verified owner)

    Overall memang the best. From delivery to material memang tiptop. Kain dia selesa dan lembut. Worth buying!!

  4. RUZILLA ROSLAN (verified owner)

    kain dia lembut , selesa bila pakai , actually saya jarang nak beli facemask macam ni sebab takut berkabus dekat spect mata , tapi so far bila saya pakai tak berkabus pun. Sumpah suka gila ! material pun bagus , senang dicuci. tak menyesal beli , lagi dengan facemask ni limited edition lagi suka ! thank you stail seratus keluarkan brand sebagus ni. Seller dia pun baik , reply chat laju. Good in their service. Much love 😍

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